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People More Into Religion Than Relationship With Jesus People Who Get Deepest Relationship With God Real Followers Of God Are Not Church Goers Revealed Satan Wants 2 Control Gods Creation By Putting Fear N Them

Dont Judge My Purpose It's How U Sin That Matters,,,,,Eye Opening Message Stop Lying 2 Your Own Soul,,Eye Opening Message People Who Are Drawn 2 Tireo Videos,,,,,,,

Man Choked By Police & Died,,,,Revealed Blacks Are Being Punished By God Your Broken Heart Vs Your Healed Heart Either Satan Or Jesus Is Being Formed Inside Of U,,,, God Or The Devil Sent Them N Your Life,,,,

Baptizing Yourself Revealed,,,,

Not All Open Doors Come From Jesus Revealed,,,,, U Fear Yo Own Purpose & Destiny

Either Satan Or Jesus Is Being Formed Inside Of U,,,, God Or The Devil Sent Them N Your Life,,,, Bible Seminaries Exposed,,They Don't Teach Truth

Being N The Spiritual Realm With God Revealed Mega Preacher & Wife Die N Jet Crash,,,Revealed Reaping What U Sow From A Spiritual Point Of View 2 Rap Labels Are Satanic Kingdoms That Have 2 FALL Music Industry Underground Chambers Of Death Revealed Don't Let Yo Sin & Yo Weakness Take Advantage Of U Yo LIFE Is A Movie,,How Will It End

Mental Realms Of Satan Revealed Is Yo Life Shifting Towards Satan Or Jesus Revealed

Lil Tireo Is A Prophesy Baby Revealed Is Yo Life Shifting Towards Satan Or Jesus Revealed Condoms Doesn't Stop Demon Possession Revealed

God Keeps His Promise But U Don't Keep Yours Ebola Curse Revealed,,,Stop Blaming The White Man 4 It,,,, pt1 Finding God's Purpose 4 Yo Life & 4 Different Types Of Purpose Revealed 2 pt2 Finding God's Purpose 4 Yo Life & 4 Different Types Of Purpose Revealed 2 pt3 Finding God's Purpose 4 Yo Life & 4 Different Types Of Purpose Revealed 2

Who Have Your Heart,,Jesus Or Satan U Take 2 Long 2 Obey God,,, Cricket Phone Company Endorsed Tireo's Music,, Awesome Why Celebrities Have 2 Buy Million Dollar Homes Revealed

Going N Circles With Your Life Is A Curse Everyone Has Their Own Red Sea 2 Cross Revealed Celebrities N Hell Aaliyah,,Lefteye,,Biggie,,Whitney Houston & Many Others

Tireo Gives Up His Dreams 4 Jesus Dreams Sleep Walking Revealed Being Faithful 2 The Wrong Person Is A Waist Of Time

God Does Not Go By The Book Revealed,,, God Breaks Rules Pagan Holidays Revealed,,, Stop Cursing Yourself

The Woman Tireo Is Waiting 4 College Degrees Without U Having A Job Revealed Why God Created Animals Revealed,, Fornication Vs Being With The Wrong Person Revealed Spiritual Prison Revealed,,,,Your N Spiritual Prison

Tireo Says He's The Best Truth Speaker Of Our Time Revealed

We Were Never Susposed 2 Live N America Revealed

Open Up 2 Jesus,,It's Time For U 2 Open Up 2 Jesus

U Are Not Saved By Grace Revealed,, U Must Go 2 The End Demons Control Cities & States & Neighborhoods Revealed Heaven Is 4 Real Movie Is A Big Lie,,, He Never Went 2 Heaven

Curse Of Thinking Way 2 Much Revealed People Don't Have 2 Accept Your Kids Revealed Knowing Jesus Real Name Doesn't Matter,,Revealed Reupload Video

Sometimes I Wish I Could Marry A Angel From Heaven Tireo's Relationship With Jesus Revealed Michael Brown,,Trayvon Martin,,Oscar Grant,, Deserved 2 Die,,

Abortion Kids Revealed,,Jesus Brings Them Back 2 Earth,,

Masterbation Addiction & Curse Thats On Millions Of People U Need Jesus 2 Pray 4 U Revealed Why Robin Williams Killed Himself Revealed Why Jesus Died At 33 Years Old Revealed Are U Following God Or The Bible,,,BIG DIFFERENCE It's Not The Same

Nightmares Revealed,,U Can Die From Yo Own Nightmares

Mental Attacks From Satan Revealed It's Not How Long U Live On Earth It's Who U Live 4 Letting God Destroy Your Past Cause Of Your Future Revealed Headaches Revealed,,Whats Causing Yo Headaches

Spiritual Connections N Relationships Revealed Where U Live Does Matter N Your Walk With God,,, Truthful Message Prayers That Last A Lifetime Revealed

Black People Who Argue & Fuss With Police Officers Need 2 Stop How U Know When Your Chosen By God,, 2 Answers Were Is Your Common Sense What Happen 2 U A Demon Killed Bruce Lee The Kung Fu Legend

Higher U Go N God,,The Bigger Demons U Have 2 Fight Against,,

Tupac & Malcom X Biggest Mistakes,,Tireo Will Last Longer Than Them

Tireo Wants Chris Brown 2 Protray His Life Story N Film Your Obsession Is Satan's Weapon That He Uses Against U

Stop Looking 4 Everyone 2 Uplift U & Do It Yourself

People Know How 2 Obey God,, They Just Dont Want 2 How Magicians Do Their Magic Tricks Revealed

U Have 2 Be Stable N Your Walk With God,, God Does Not Think Like U,, Get Out Of Your Ways

Sin Is Not The Problem,,It's The Curses

Danger After Being Baptized If U Don't Do Gods Will

Stupid People Texting While Driving,, Will Be Punished By God,, Tattoos Revealed,,Who Was God Talking 2 About Tattoos Smoking Weed Brings Satan & Demons Into Your Mind & Soul

It's My Relationship With God Not Yours Revealed Forgiveness Revealed,, U Dont Have 2 Be Or Stay With Them Why Tireo Can Not Talk About Preachers Of LA TV Show Women Doing Hair Videos Are Being Used By Satan

Fights Revealed,, Stop Hurting & Killing Each Other Israelites False Image Of Being Holy Revealed No One Loves All Of The Bible Rules Revealed Master P Divorce Drama,,He Should Have Married A White Woman

Bible Laws Revealed,,All Scriptures Don't Apply 2 U Tireo's Hater & Online Stalker Sends Tireo New Message Warren Mayes,, Tireo Old Producer Shot & Killed N New Orleans Years Ago

Spiritual Abortion Revealed,,U Murder & Kill Gods Plan 4 Yo Life Pagan Holidays & Government Mind Control & Slavery Spirit & Demon Of Jealousy Revealed,, Numbers 5,14



Tireo Sex Life Revealed Pt 1 Tireo Sex Life Revealed Pt 2

Your Family Isn't Your Real Family & Not Being Family With God

Much Respect 2 Toni Braxton 4 Being Honest About Her Abortion Tireo Past Beef With Dingo4Life & Gathering144 Sick Israelites


These Are Tireo Classic & Eye Opening & Truthful & Convicting Audio Messages That Tireo Has Did N The Year Of 2014,, Due 2 Tireo Videos Being On His Own Personal Website,, Haters & Obsessed Online Stalkers Can't Report His Videos & False Flag Them Like They Do On Youtube & Other Sites,, Tireo Has Built A Emipre Catalog Of Over 1,000 Videos & Over 1,000 Cartoon Movies,,Plus His Own Independent Movies & Music & Mixtapes & Much More,, Tireo Has Reached Millions Of People 4 Jesus Kingdom With Thousands & Millions Of Views From His Videos Being On Youtube & Tireo Has Had Over 8,000 Followers Plus 3,000 Followers & When Tireo 1st Came On Youtube Tireo Has Had Over 3 Million Followers,, Due 2 All Of The Blessings That Tireo Has Had,, Haters Tired 2 Stop Tireo By Doing Tons Of Expose Videos Towards Tireo But That Didn't Work,, Tireo Has Written Books,,Produced His Own Albums & Movies & Much Much More,, Tireo Is A Legend 4 Jesus & Tireo Is Going 2 The Very End 4 Jesus,, So Enjoy The Messages & Be Blessed


4 Million Dollars,, Tireo Is Selling His Michael Jordan Card Collection Everyone Doesn't Get A Crown N Heaven Revealed,, Making It Out The Walk With God Revealed,, No One Is Teaching U How 2 Be Honest,, Pagan Pastor Conrad Destroyed Himself Online People Who Get The Deepest Relationships With God Revealed Jackson 5,,The Best Group Ever N History,,,, U Are Hard Headed Revealed,, Truth Speakers & Honest Truth Speakers Revealed Tireo Dream From Jesus Revealed,,Amazing Dream Slavery Relationships Revealed,, Truthful Message

King James Was A Black Man & King James Version Bible Revealed U Are Going 2 Hell 4 Being Fake & Phony Revealed Tireo Number 1 Online Stalker Is Finished & Tireo Laughs At Him High Powered Witches Of Our Time Revealed,, LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is Not Da Problem Curse Of Not Hearing God's Voice 4 Your Own Life Birth Control Pills & Pregnancy Shots Revealed Waiting On God Is Not 4 Everyone,, It's Only 4 God's Chosen People Fasting 4 Your Soul Is Hurting Revealed,, Powerful Message

Parents Who Let Their Lives Go 4 Their Kids,,That's Not Of God Jacoby Is Tireo Ordained Best Friend From God,, We Came Up Together Gay NFL Draft Pick Revealed Michael Sam Solange Attacking Jay Z,, Why I Can't Discuss It Tireo Pours Out His Heart 2 Jesus & Thanks Him Voices N Your Head Revealed,, Demonic Voices,, Unequally Yoked Love & Different Types Of Love Revealed Stop Looking 4 The Word & Look 2 Be Free Revealed Kingdom Of God Lacks Truth Speakers Revealed Battle Rapping Is A Demonic Cult From Satan Revealed,,

Free Cell Phones Revealed,, Why The Government Is Doing This Trying 2 Be Perfect Vs Doing God's Will,, BIG DIFFERENCE Putting People 2 The TEST Revealed Focus On What God Called U 2 Do & Stop Worrying About Others Why Mega Preachers Wear Suits Revealed,, The Mafia Satanic Dress Code U Can't Make Something Be That's It Isn't,,Personality Disorder Revealed Divorced People Curse Themselves & If Your Headed 4 Divorce Satan Never Quits He Only Takes Breaks From Attacking U Running From Something That's Ordained 2 Set U Free Cursed Money Revealed,, Not All Money Is Good Money

Being Independent N Your Walk With God Revealed Why Tireo Is Not A Christian & Not A Israelite

Phony Gospel Singer Detrick Haddon Dont Live What He Sings About The False Religion Of Christianity Is Falling & Coming 2 A Serious End Loving People 4 Their Good & Bad Side Revealed U Don't Want 2 Be N Tireo Shoes Revealed,, Get Yo Own Relationship With Jesus The Little Things N Yo Life Matter 2 God,, Fearing The World Instead Of Fearing God Revealed,, Beyonce Curses Her Dad's Secret Lover With Witchcraft Committing Yo Spirit Into God's Hands Why Jesus Washed Their Feet Revealed Eye Opening Message PT 1,, Yo Job Vs God's Purpose 4 Yo Life PT 2,, Yo Job Vs God's Plan 4 Yo Life Letting God Stick His Hand N U & Pull Out The Junk & Curses Wesley Snipes Is The Best Black Male Actor N The World Phony People Are Depressive,, Revealed Bus Crash N California Revealed,, Dieing Before Their Time Prayers That Don't Make Sense Revealed,, 3 Major Things That Satan Wants From U Lying Spirit Revealed,, This Spirit Is Lying 2 U

Stepping Out On Faith 4 Da World & Stepping Out 4 Jesus Using Yo Past 2 Fight Against Yo Future Rolling With The Ordained Person 4 Yo Life Revealed Why Blacks Really Became Slaves Revealed,, Getting 2 Know Yourself As A Person Revealed,, Truthful Message Pt 1 Having The Fire Of God On Yo Life Revealed Pt 2 Having The Fire Of God On Yo Life & Losing The Fire Difference Between Giving Yo Life 2 God & 2 Church Revealed Walking With God Is A Full Time Job Revealed Having A (Successful) Relationship With God Revealed Your Walk With God Is A Reflection Of Who U Are Revealed Tyler Perry Shames The Black Race N All His Movies,,Wake Up U Are Scared 2 Be Alone,, Spirit Of Fear Is On U Gifts Of Discernment Revealed,, U Need This Gift 4 Yo Walk With God Why Your Prayers Isn't Being Answered Revealed U Are Running From God's Presence,, Demon Possessed Animals Revealed

3 Different Types Of Abuse,,Cartoon Audio Message

Is Yo Life Shifting Towards Satan Or Jesus Revealed