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Michael Brown Trayvon Martin Oscar Grant,,,,Black Race Dieing N Blood

Lil Wayne Gives Daughter Cars Revealed,,,,Passing Yo Kids Threw Fire

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Blood Sacrifice Revealed

Rap Labels Are Satanic Kingdoms That Have 2 FALL Music Industry Underground Chambers Of Death Revealed


Don't Sell Your Soul 4 Money & Fame Like They Do In Hollywood Follow Jesus & He Will Make A Way 4 You

The Human Blood Sacrifice Exposed, N Hollywood They Make Human Blood Sacrifices To Satan & Other Demons From Hell To Gain Money & Powerful For The Kingdom Of Darkness To Do Evil N The Earth All For Satan's Kingdom

This Is The Satanic Star Baphomet That They worship In Hollywood & It's The Same Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame & This is the same star on your christmas tree

Hollywood is demonic place that is straight ran by satan & his demonic demons that follow him, it's a place were many people sell their souls to the devil just to get money & fame & power from the devil by using the gifts that God gave them for his kingdom but instead they use those gifts & talents for satan & his evil kingdom, when you step into the demonic occult thats in hollywood the first thing that happens is that you become cursed by the devil, then you start being pulled in by the evil spirits then they demonized you by making you do things that you don't wanna do just for fame & more money, then you get so use to it the next thing is that you just sell your soul & after you sell your soul you now belong to the devil & you really become one of his tools to do evil in the earth this has been going on way before the illuminati this has been going on since the bible days when Pharoah had the salves in bondage, see Pharoah had sold his soul to the devil to keep doing evil in the earth & satan used him to control the people by keeping them in slavery, then we see Jezebel, she was a evil witch who sold her soul to the devil to kill God's prophets, & then we see king Herod trying to have Jesus killed, see all these people had sold their souls to satan to do evil in the earth & they all worked for him & his evil kingdom so everything that you are seeing today understand that all of this has already happened in the bible 2000 years ago & satan knows that, & then now comes the human blood sacrifice to were you will have to do a blood sacrifice cause of the evil that you have allowed yourself to do & get intangled in & someone close to you must die understand this everytime evil is being done in hollywood & on the earth a blood sacrifice has to happen hears the truth

(p diddy, blood was sacrifice biggie) (dame dash blood sacrifice was aaliyah)( R&B group TLC blood sacrifice was left eye)

(rapper mystikal, blood sacrifice was his sister)( master p, blood sacrifice was his brother kevin miller & many other rappers from no limit cause many of them are dead now soulja slim,big ed, & many others are all dead)(cash money records blood sacrifice, yella boy, magnolia shorty & many others that are dead who was on that label before they blew up)(jennifer hudson, blood sacrifice was her own mother & family)suge knight blood sacrifice was tupac) (soulja boy blood sacrifice was his little brother who died in a car crash)nikki minja blood sacrifice was her cousin who was shot & killed)(rapper busta rhymes blood sacrifce was his own body guard who was shot & killed right in front of his face)(eminem blood sacrifice was his best friend proof who was a member of D12)( mike tyson, blood sacrifice was his own daughter who died) the Jackson family blood sacrifice was the star of their family Michael Jackson who was also killed by the illuminati cause he got tired of doing what they wanted him to do & when he wanted out they had him killed) (also casey anthony blood sacrificed her own daughter to get famous & when she did that satan blew up her story) & the list goes on and on so people understand that none of this is a joke & we must really have Jesus in these evil times cause we are really in the last days""" the whole industry is controlled by satan from the film industry, the music industry & the model & fashion industry which is ran by gays so if you wanna step into all of that understand that you will have to pay a series price for your soul & a blood sacrifice will come to pass weather you wanna believe it or not, this is why i pray for these people & i try my best to reach out to them cause i know its not a game cause we must reach & save the lost cause if Jesus was walking the earth today i know he would go to many of these people & thats why im gonna continue to do my part in God's kingdom & try my best to reach out to these crazy people cause time is running out & these people are dieing everyday & we must be willing to help these people get saved from HELL cause thats were they are going, SO PEOPLE ALL OF THIS IS VERY REAL WAKE UP

Also many celebrities in hollywood practice witchcraft to were they make deals with satan & they sign contracts with him so they can stay famous & stay in hollywood & satan gives them all the things that they ask him for but little do the know satan turns on them & they end up in hell burninh forever, many people have made deals with the devil here are their names jay z, beyonce,jeneffier lopez who is a vodoo witch that does witchcraft, lada gaga who is truly evil, lil wayne who admits he sold his soul to the devil, rick ross who named his album God forgives he don't, & many others, they all have made their deals with satan & they have already paid their price, some of these celebrities even had other celebrities killed by their own witchcraft that they did, they cast evil spells on other celebrities just to have them moved out of the way so they can stay on top & stay in the lime light so people im saying all that to say this (GET JESUS)

50 Cent Is Trying To blood sacrifice his own son must see video from Tireo


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Sylvester Stallone Son Dies & Right before his son died Tireo reached to his dad on twitter serious video from Tireo, it was a blood sacrifice


Tireo speaks on james holmes killing all those people at the show, james holmes was used by satan to kill steal & destroy serious video from Tireo


Yveete Wilson From the Moesha TV show has died & Tireo Belives she made it to heaven great video from Tireo


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Hip Hop Satanic Movement Of Rappers Killing Their Own Kind Keyshia Cole Might Die 4 Starting Beef With Beyonce Tireo Speaks Truth To Beyonce Dad & Tells Him Truth To His Face Part 2 Beyonce Blood Sacrifice & Much More Classic Old Video Tireo Reaches Out To Soulja Boy 4 Jesus I'm Praying 4 U Man Who Really Killed Magnolia Shorty & VL Mike & Soulja Slim,, See The Truth Tireo Reaches Out To Chris Brown & R Kelly 4 Jesus Heavy D Is In Hell He Didn't Fully Live 4 Jesus Part 1 Why Satanic Celebrities Live Longer Than Others Part 2 Why Satanic Celebrites Live Longer Than Others Tireo Reaches Out To Halle Berry 4 Jesus Fantasia Is Chosen By God But She's Running From Her Purpose Aaliyah,Lefteye,Biggie,Whitney Houston & Many Others Are N Hell Whitney Houston Is N Hell God's Anger Was On Her Tireo Speaks On Celebrities & Why Things Happen To Them Mr Magic Was Blood Sacrificed By Master P. The Curse Of No Limit Nas Sold His Soul With He Got With Jay z Gabby Douglas Is Gonna Compromise Da Gospel & Sell Her Soul To Hollywood R&B, Hip Hop & Gangsta Rap Are Demonic Cults Set Up By Satan's Kingdom To Kill Souls Tireo Was Offered 2 Million Dollars To Sell His Soul To The Illuminati Blood Sacrifice For Fame & Money Movie Produced By Tireo Hollywood Death Crashes, God's Warning Sign Before They Die, Open Yo Eyes 2 Spirit Of Death Is Coming For These Stars Dmx Is Going To Hell After He Dies Don Cornelius Is In Hell He Killed Himself By Taking His Own Life So Sad Green Mile Actor, Michale Clarke Duncan Died Before His Time, Hell Is Real,

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