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People Today Have Forgot About The Real People In The Bible Who Followed God & What They For God & We As Folowers Of God Can Not Forget About These Great People Who Followed God From Their Hearts & They Endured Till The End

Daniel Post From Tireo, Daniel Was A Man Who Was Very Faithful & Loyal To God, When All Odds Was Against Daniel, He Remained Faithful To God, Daniel Was A Man Who Fasted & Prayed & He Helped His Friends & He Shared His Gifts & He Wasn’t Selfish, Daniel Was Also A Man Who Had The Gifts Of Knowledge,Wisdom,Understanding,Interpreting Dreams,Solving Riddles, & He Had A Excellent Spirit In Him As Well, People Today Have Forgot About Daniel & They Refuse To Give Daniel His Props, Daniel Was Also A Man Who Saw Great & Deep & Serious Visions From God & Daniel Had A 1 On 1 Relationship With God, Daniel Was Hated Own By Haters & Daniel Was Thrown Into The Lions Den Cause They Wanted Daniel To Sell His Soul & Bow Down To Idols, But Daniel Refused & He Stayed Loyal & Faithful To God & The Very People Who Hated On Him, They Reaped What They Sowed & They Was Thrown Into The Lions Den & They Were Ate Up By The Lions, God Fought For Daniel All The Days Of Daniel’s Life & We As People Of God Cannot Forget About Our Great Brother Daniel Cause Daniel Fulfilled God’s Purpose For His Life & Daniel Never Gave Up On God, Daniel Was A Great Man Of God & His Life Story Reached Billions Of People All Over The Earth,www.tireo4christ.com

1.)    Daniel put it n his heart that he wouldn’t destroy himself, Daniel 1,8

2.)    Daniel Had the holy spirit in him before the day of pentecost, Daniel 4,8-9.18 & Daniel 5,11-12

3.)    Daniel Was Also A Governor, Daniel 6,2-3

4.)    Daniel never sold his soul, Daniel 6,7-28 & Daniel got blessed for that

5.)    Daniel wasn’t in it for the money just like elijah & solomon, Daniel 5,17

6.)    Daniel wasn’t selfish he shared his secrets, Daniel 1,11-15

7.)    Daniel was real in prayer, Daniel 9,20-23

8.)    Daniel fasted & prayed, Daniel 10,3

9.)    Daniel gifts made room for him, Daniel 5,29

10.)  Daniel was honest, Daniel 9,9

11.)  Daniel spoke truth, Daniel 5,22-23

12.)  Daniel didn’t compromise his beliefs in God & he didn’t become phony, Daniel 6,10

13.)  Daniel made walking with God his lifestyle, Daniel 6,16

14.)  Daniel blessed his friends, Daniel 2,48-49

15.)  Daniel got skill from a angel to understand, Daniel 9,22

16.)  Daniel walked in the supernatural of God just like the followers of jesus, Daniel 6,23



Moses Post From Tireo, Moses Was A Man Who Went To The End For God, He Walked Away From Being A Prince To Doing God's Will For His Life, Moses Went Threw A Lot For God But He Endured, Moses Was Also A Humble Man & He Was A Real Prophet From God, When I Look At Moses Life With A Open Eye It Shows Me That God Can & Will Use Anybody To Complete His Purpose In The Earth, If You Have Studied The Life Of Moses, Moses Was A Man Who Commited Murder & He Couldnt Even Talk Right & Yet Moses Had The Heart To Go Fight For The People & Thats What Missing Today, People Are Not Fighting Anymore For One Another, Much Love To Moses For Fighting For The People & Helping Them Get Set Free & Even After Moses Death God Hid Moses Body From The Devil Cause The People Would Have Started Worshipping Moses As Their Own Idol & Moses Was Even A Man Who Talked With God Face To Face Meaning That Moses Had A One On One Relationship With God, Much Respect To Moses For Going To The End For God & We Will See Moses In The End,,, Preachers & Christians & Gospel Artist Today Don't Honor The Real Followers Of God In The Bible Instead They Honor The Worldly Stars So Sad,www.tireo4christ.com 

1.)    Moses fasted for 40 days & 40 night, exodus 24,18

2.)    Moses spoke to God face to face, exodus 33,11

3.)    Moses, the power of God was so heavy on Moses his face was shinning when he came from the mountain, exodus 34,29-30

4.)    Moses was a courageous man & yet humble, exodus 2,15-17 & exodus 5,1-3 & exodus 33,12-23 & numbers 12,3

5.)    Moses was faithful, hebrews 3,5 & hebrews 11,24-29




David Post From Tireo, David Was A Man Who Was After God's Own Heart, David Was Also A Man Who Sinned Great Sins He Commited Murder & Adultery, He Took Another Man's Wife & He Had Her Husband Killed & Then He Got Her Pregnant & God Killed Their 1st Kid That They Had Together & Then God Cursed David's Family For The Sin That David Commited, The Curse Was So Heavy On David's House To Were David's Son Raped His Daughter & David's Own Son Wanted Him Dead & David Was In Fear For His Life, & When You Hear Phony Preachers Preach About David They Hide David Sins & They Try To Cover Them Up, But We Can Learn A Lot From David's Bad Choices, Why Didn't God Kill David For Commiting Murder & Adultery? Cause David Really Loved God From His Heart & David Was A Bold Man Who Stood Up For God When Everyone Else Was Afarid To. David Had Lust Problems & Much More But David Loved God Like No Other Person & Jesus Even Came From David's Family Tree, That's Why They Call Jesus The Son Of David, David's Life Shows Me That God Has Amazing Grace On His Chosen Followers Cause David Was Chosen By God & God Could Have Killed David But He Didn't, But David Still Paid The Price For His Sins & Bad Choices, God Cursed David's Family,,, So People Be Very Careful Of The Choices You Make In Life Cause For Every Choice That You Make In Life You Will Reap From That Choice, www.tireo4christ.com 

1.)    David was a man after God’s own heart, 1st samuel, 13,14 & acts 13,22

2.)    David killed goliath at a young age he was brave, 1st samuel 17,1-58



Jonah Was Running From What God Really Wanted Him To Do,,, Post From Tireo, Are You Running From What God Is Really Calling You To Do, Are You Trying To Make Yourself Be Around Fake Friends & Fake Family Members, Are You Trying To Tell Yourself That Your Evil Kids Will Change Someday, Are You Still Dating People Who Don't Give A Dam About God Or His Will, Are You Still Following Hollywood Stars, Are You Still Having Sex With All Sorts Of People, Are You Still Clubing When You Can Be Doing Your Purpose For God, Are You Still Sucking Dick & Eating Pussy Just To Please Your Lustful Desires & Your Sinful Flesh, Are You Doing Your Own Thing Instead Of You Doing What God Wants You To Do, Are You Steady Running Your Mouth On The Phone Talking To People Who Dont Mean You No Good, Are You Still Smoking Weed & Drinking Liquor & Getting Drunk, If Your Still Doing All These Things Then Your No Different From Jonah Which Means Your Running From God, Many People Do All These Things Cause Deep Down In Their Hearts Their Really Running From God & They Are Running From Their Purpose & They Try To Cover It Up By Doing All Kinds Of Stuff, So I Advise You To Stop Running From God & Your Purpose, Cause Your No Different Than Jonah & God Allowed Jonah To Be In The Whales Belly Cause Jonah Was Running From His Purpose In God, So What Will God Allow To Happen To You Cause Your Running, www.tireo4christ.com  


TruthFull Abraham Post From Tireo, Are You Willing To Give It All Up & Prove Your Love For God, Abraham Was About To Sacrifice His Son Just To Prove To God How Much He Really Loved Him, This Is What Many Of God's People Struggle With Today, They Can't Make A Sacrifice & Pay The Ulimate Price For Following God, In Order For Anyone To Make It To Heaven, They Gotta Go Threw This Serious Step & Give It Up & Make A Sacrifice & Pay The Price For Following God, It's A Serious Test Cause If You Can't Give It Up & Make That Sacrifice Then That Proves You Don't Really Love God & God Will Tell You That When He Judges You In The End & I Have Already Made My Sacrifice & Gave Up My Whole Life To Follow God & I Paid My Price & So Did Abraham & The Rest Of God's Followers In The Bible, But What About You, When Will Give It Up & Stop Holding On To Crap & When Will You Make That Sacrifice & Pay The Price & Prove To God How Much You Really Love Him, Your Not Waiting On God, God Is Waiting On You, www.tireo4christ.com 

1.)    Abram believed the lord & it was credited to him as righteousness, genesis 15,6

2.)    Abram was God fearing, Genesis 22,12 & he was faithful, hebrews 11,8-11,17

3.)    He left his family behind to follow God path for his life, genesis 12,1-5