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Tireo Speaks Real Truth About The Gospel Industry It's Controlled By Satan

It's sad to say this but it's very true (THE GOSPEL INDUSTRY IS CONTROLLED & RAN BY SATAN) when we look at the gospel industry for what it really is it's all about singing songs just to puff up people feelings & preachers are preaching for the people instead of preaching the truth for God, Satan has used this to keep people from walking in victory cause how can they walk in freedom if they are not hearing the real truth, Satan has rose up many demonic gospel artist & many demonic preachers if you look at it with a open eye all of the gospel artist are singing the same type of songs & then they are gimmicing each other instead of having their own relationship with God, then we see this preacher compeating with that preacher & they are all trying to have a mega church & now it's all about a show, preachers & gospel artist are not following God from their hearts anymore & all of this has gotten way out of control & now satan is controlling it, today we see many pagan christian preahers who preach about sowing a 10,000 seed instead of preaching about hell & really trying to help someone really get free from the strongholds of the devil, we see kids being molested right in church, we see christian couples getting divorces left & right, we see preachers killing people cause they are demonized by satan, we see hate going on right inside of the church & im saying all that to say this SATAN is controlling it all, these preachers & gospel artist are more concerned about their fame & titles to were it's ridiculous, they are focused on all the wrong things, when Jesus walked the earth he preached from his heart & he told people the real truth & he helped them get free from satan, but today its so crazy to were your pastor might be more demonized than you are.

Also the church has become fake, so fake to the point to were they act like they do everything right & they act like they never sin, satan has used this against them to draw many souls away from God cause if you don't keep it real with the people & be honest with them how can you really help them, the only thing that you would be doing is lieing to them & satan is the father of lies so today we see all these gospel artist & preachers lieing about whats really going on, they are giving the people fake & phony messages thats not even from God or their hearts they are just saying words to make the people feel good instead of telling them the straight up truth

The gospel industry has a demonic ritual in it that goes on when you step into it & here it is, when gospel artist & preachers step into the gospel industry they have to compromise the real truth in order for them to stay in & get bigger deals for themselves & go higher so they can make more money & get more fame, if u notice the more they compromise the bigger they get here are some names just to open your eyes to the truth

1.)kirk franklin, the more he compromise the gospel the bigger he gets this is why he will never preach & tell people the real truth cause he's going threw the demonic ritual also mary mary, yolanda adams,fred hammond,marvin sapp,detrick haddon,canton jones, & many other gospel singers, now lets look at the demonic christian rap artist who went threw the demonic ritual to were the more they compromise the bigger they become 1.)lecrae,trip lee, & the whole reach records label who is controled by the illuminati & satan, kj 52, manifest who is a christian devil worshiper, flame, thisl who named his album beautiful monster the same title that neyo named his album which represents demons from hell,bizzle who is phony christian rap artist who exposes jay z but he takes up for nikki minaji but she worships & serves the same devil just like jay z, suzy rock who is only in it for fame, k praize who worshiped tyler perry in one of his songs saying he do his tyler perry when tyler represents gay rights,da truth who is a false christian rapper who does not rap any real truth & I thought that Jesus was the only truth so why would he name himself that, ambassador who is another false christian rapper & the whole cross movement records who aint nothing but a bunch hypocrites who think they are so perfect but yet many of them cheat on their wives & they live in adultery, these things im saying about these people are very true & this is why the people cant get free from sin cause Satan is using these demonized sick gospel artist to corrupt the people & to brainwash them & it's many others who are doing this mess so im telling all of you people to really open your eyes to the truth & get away from these devil worshipers but if u wanna stay following them then that's by your choice & you will judged for that in the end it's just my job to tell you people the real truth & yes the gospel industry is controlled by the devil & this is why it's so messed up cause satan is running it, if God was really in it then all of this demonized mess wouldn't be going on & many more gospel artist & preachers are doing the demonic ritual so people WAKE UP the gospel industry is really ran & controlled by satan & the evil demons that follow him WAKE UP PEOPLE & I PRAY THAT MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WOULD REPENT & CHANGE THEIR EVIL WICKED WAYS CAUSE IF NOT THEY WILL ALL BE BURNING IN HELL FOREVER WITH THE DEVIL THIS IS VERY SERIOUS

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