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Mount Sinai Clothing Line Coming Soon

Mount Sinai Clothing is a clothing line owned by Tireo that will be coming soon, t shirts,headbands,jackets, jeans,winter caps & much more all for Jesus will be coming soon, some of the clothes that u see Tireo wearing in his videos with the Jesus durags & caps thats his clothing from his clothing line that will be coming soon online & to a store near you,

God gaveTireo this idea cause Tireo got tired of buying those satanic stars clothes & shoes when those people don't even care about God & they make fun of Jesus & when u buy their stuff u make them richer & yet they are not doing anything to help the people, so Tireo started putting together his own clothes to were he don't have to buy those satanic peole clothes he can wear his own clothes from his clothing line & represent Jesus at the same time

Jesus Walks Words Of Truth, CD Coming Soon

The Jesus Walks Words of truth is a cd of truthful words from Jesus that will help you in your walk cause Jesus even said his sheep hear his voice, Tireo is turning the Jesus walks mixtape into a jesus words of truth cd which you will hear Jesus words without the music this is gonna be great it will be coming soon

Tireo's New Independent Movie Coming Soon

Tireo has a new independent movie coming soon that he's writing, directing, & playing in & he will be putting this movie out under his film company Mount Sinai Films, Tireo did his first independent film in new orleans when he shot his streetball mixtape movie with his friends in new orleans & that film got the attention of Channel 4 News Broadcaster Miss Sally Ann Roberts & They wanted to interview Tireo, & Then the film got the attention of Greg Marius who is The owner of the famous Rucker Park in New York City were all the great streetball legends played, he saw Tireo's tape & gave Tireo a call & in a few months Tireo was on a plane to fly to meet him in New York & play at Rucker Park this was a dream come true for Tireo cause he always wanted to play at the same park were all the streetball legends played at, Tireo 2nd film One Choice 2 to Make was a Big Hit on youtube which gained thousands of viwes with in months, The movie is about Tireo playing the role of a drug dealer who gets a letter from God saying he only has one choice to make & then a angel appears at his front door & tells him he needs to get his life in order or he won't make it, Tireo has many films that he has already has wriiten & he will be releasing them in time to come, Mount Sinai Films is a Film company that will releasing movies & other types of films with messages about God so people can be saved, healed, & set free & their eyes can opened to the truth of Jesus

Tireo's New Audio Book Of Potery Will Be Coming Soon

Tireo is a great writer & he also writes & does potery, God gave Tireo  this great idea to do a potery audio book this will coming out soon as well, Tireo is working on it now, The potery book is already written but Tireo is gonna be recording it real soon, these poems that really touch the heart, potery is also a great way to express how you may fell from the heart