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Video_After Yo Sex Partner Cums How Are U Treated


Video God Iz Crazy Yes

Video 2Witnesses144000RevealedBookOfRevealtion

video_Black_Presidents_why we don't them

video_Days of the week & months of da year are under pagan names


Video_Dont_be_afraid 2 think different & be yoself


Video_Live By The Sword Die By It Fully Explained

Video_Positive Words

Video_Salvation Is Not Free U Must Earn It



video_Tireo_Writing Working_On_A_Common_Sense_Bible.

Video_Titles Wont Get U Into Heaven


video_Why_jesus_teenage_life_was_taken_from da bible

Video_Why gun control wont work fully explained

Video_Why so many relationship movies n hollywood


Video_Human Sacrifice 2 Freedom Iz Death


video Your_Skeletons is blocking yo blessings

Video_U Gotta Take A Lost N Life Before U Win

Video Da More Talent U Have Da More Satan Attacks U

Video Black Panther Movie Celebration Of Blacks Killing

Video_Why People Play The Lottery

Video_Stupid Forgiveness Vs Smart Forgiveness


 Video_Dont BeScared 2 Defend Yourself F Da Haters

Video_Enjoying My Life My Walk With God

video_Protecting Your Mental Health

Video_Gods Favor Becoming More Stronger

Over Your Life

Video_Florida High School Mass Shooting 

Video_Men Stop Exploiting Women On Da Internet

Video_Why It Doesnt Matter Where Jesus Name Come From

Video_No weapon formed against u added 2 da bible

Video_Things religion & schools dont teach

Video_Scared 2 show dey face on social media 

Video_How 2 defeat satan u gotta out think him

Video_Old testament followers vs new testament 

video_Why married men go 2 strip clubs 

video_Meaning of aids 

Video_Im enjoying da hate im getting n 2018

video_Why jesus walked on water 

Video_Worst 2 lies u can tell 

Video_Lil tireo & tireo kicking it having fun 

Video_Lil tireo & tireo playing video games 

Video_Do what makes u happy its yo life & yo judgement 

Video_UGotta Get Crucified

Video_Think outside da box & breaks rules & make yo own

Video_Why so many single mothers 

VIDEO_Yahweh Ben Yahweh Iz Not God Hes Hulon Mitchell


 video_Sex advice 2 teens 

video_Over coming Defeating SPIRITUAL WARFARE Pt1

video_u are yo own enemy it's u not da devil 

Video_Comparing_Yourself_2_Other Believers_

video_Take Care Of Yo Car Vehicle Its Yo Blessing

Video_Following God N Independence

Video_Change When God Says So

Video_Religion Destroys U It Kills Yo Relationship With God

video_School Teachers Having Sex Wit Students & Why

Video_Raped Murdered Girls Who Made It 2Heaven4

video_U Curse Yoself When U Turn Down Gods Help


 video_Phone Convo Law School Abuse Guns Self Defense



video_Do Not Worship Angels

video_Accept Your Calling Destiny

video_Expect People 2 Turn On U

video_Dont Become Friends With Angry People

video_Dont Let Anyone Make U Feel Guilty 4 Being Human

video_Kids Suffer From Parents Past Sins Dirt

video_Why Jesus Never Picked Homeless People 2 Be apart

video_God Wants Us 2 Be Blameless

video_Elijah Samson Was Not Israelites

video_Angels Of God Kill People

video_Be Safe N These Pagan Holidays

video_God Will Promote U Take U 2 Da Top

video_Being Treated Unfairly At Yo Job

video_Tireo Talks Record Deal Music Industry

video_Curse Yo Emenies Or Pray 4 Them Yo Choice

video_Slavery N Libya Why

video_The Kingdom Of God Is Divided I Want No Parts Of It


 video U Wont_Understand Yo Path When Following God

video_Being Over Sensitive

video_Pt2 Tireo Talks 2 Teen

video_U Cant Pray 4 Everyone

video_U Cant Tell Everyone What God Puts N Yo Heart

video_Jesus Gave U The Blue print Game

video_Is Your House Inner Circle N Order

video_Chapters Of Your Life Needs 2 Be Closed

video_My Biggest Beef Wit People

video_The Curse Of Boils Brain Tumors Sexual

video_God Wants U 2 Prosper


video_Your Secrets Will Be Judged By God

video_4 Types Of Prayer

video_Dont Be Afarid Of Success

video_People Who Love Being Worldly

video_Spiritual Adultery

video_Broke niggaz Who Making Babies

video_Blood Sacrifices N The Bible

video_Dont Let People Make U Evil

video_Different Names Of God

video_When God Says No

video_4 Types Of Prayer

video_King Solomon Was A Porn Star

video_Church Mass Shooting N Texas

video_Messy People Who Stir Up Beef Strife

video_Covering Up Yo Sins

video_Live Yo Life 2 Da Fullest 4 God

video_Stay Away From People Who Create Confusion

video_Another Man Shall Wit Yo Wife

video_Why God Wont Listen 2 U

video_U Are Possessed By Spirit Of Jealously

Video_3 Different Types Of Education

Video_3 Teens Sent To Hell 4 Breaking N Home

Video_All My Guns 4 Self Defense Are Legal 

Video_Angels Demons Connected 2 Our Prayers

video_AreU A Slave 2 Other People Opinions

Video_Are U At A Stand Still Wit Jesus

video_Are U Giving N 2 Distractions 

video_Are U Ordained 2 Make It N Life

Video_Being Your self Is Not A Crime

Video_Believer Or Disciple  

video_Be Real About Your Life

VIDEO_Bible Topics That Tireo Dont Agree With

video_Black Is Not Beautiful A Woman With A Good Heart

Video_Black People Brain washed By AFRICA

video_Black People Not Snitching Is Stupid

video_Blessed Are The Poor N Spirit

Video_Blessed Are The PURE N Heart

Video_Blessed People Bring healing 2 Your Soul

Video_Can God Turn His Back On U

Video_Celebrities Have 2 Keep 

Video_Christians Lying About Going 2 Heaven

Video_Christian Sorcery Witchcraft

video_Closed Doors Can Be Your Biggest Blessing

video_Dallas Police Killed By Black Sniper

Video_Dark Clouds Are Over Your Life

video_Dark Secrets Revealed__Gun_shooting

Video_Delusion Vs Reality Eye Opening Message

Video_Demon Of Over Eating

Video_Different Levels Of Satanism In Religion

VIDEO_Dinosaurs Are Real Its N Your Bible

Video_Dodge Satans Plan 4 Your Life

video_Dont Be Scared Of Satan The Demonic Realm

video_Dont Go Threw Yo Future Paying 4 Old Sins

Video_Dont Let People Get U N Trouble With God

Video_Dont Listen 2 People Who Make Bad Choices N Life

Video_Do Tireo Obey The Bible Honest Message

Video_False Miracles Of Satan Is All In Christianity

video_Faster Way 2 Save Souls From Hell

video_Get Them Out Of Your House Proverbs 22 10

Video_Getting N Relationships With People Who Have Kids

Video_God isnt Going 2 Tell U Everything & Why 

Video_God is tired of your ignorance

video_Gods Desires Will Fulfill Your Soul