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Tireo Hammond Po Box 722151 Houston Texas 77272

Your Life Iz All U Have So Try Your Best 2 Allow Jesus Christ 2 Fully Use u 4 His Glory 
























                                       1.) The Virgin Nun Who Demons Wanted (Series)

                               2.) Kenou The Cheetah Who Died 4 Jesus 

                               3.) The Angel Who Destroyed Evil (Series)

                               4.) Sisters Who Missed The Rapture (Series)

                               5.) Tireo's Life Before Jesus True Story 

                               6.) The Witch Who Got Away Wit Murder & Followed Jesus 

                               7.) When Satan Was N Heaven Before The Fall (Series)

                               8.) When Jesus Was 13 Years Old Before His Death (Series)

                               9.) Who Killed Tireo (Series)

                                          10.) Everyone Has Dark Secrets (Series)

                                          11.) Twin Ballers (Series)

                                          12.) How I Caught HIV (Series) 

                                          13.) 13 Year Old Jesus N Wicked America (Series) 

                                          14.) What Tireo Saw N Heaven (Series) 

                                          15.) Spiritual Execution (Series)

                                          16.) The Curse Of Judge Benedict (Series)

































Tireo Hammond

po box 722151 Houston Texas zip code 77272


 Since I Was 9 Years Old God Been Speaking 2 Me & Showing Me Things































































































































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with over 29,000 followers on just 1 of his youtube channels tireo website tireo & with over 9 million views tireo has made a serious impact with his video messages & music & mini cartoon movies