People In The OLD TESTAMENT Who FORESHADOWED CHRIST By Their Actions & Events Must Read Information It Will Really Bless You & Open Your Eyes To Much Truth


1.) Adam was the head of the race Read Genesis 3,20 & Jesus is the head of the New Creation Read Romans 5,12-24

Adam joined Eve in rebellion against God Read Genesis 3,6 & Jesus redeemed his bride by obeying God Read Revelation 19.7-9

Adam actions brought consequences to his children causing them to inherit sin & death Read Genesis 3,16-19 & Jesus actions brought consequences to God's children causing them to inherit righteousness & life Read Romans 5,12-19 & ist Corinthians 15,20-22, 45-49

2.) Noah ark provided refuge for all kinds of animals Read Genesis 6,19-7.5 & Jesus body provides salvation to his people read Romans 11,11 & Galatians 3,28-29

In Noah's days God undid his creation by the flood Read Genesis 6,6-7 & Jesus will redo his creation by fire 2nd Peter 3,12-13 to recreate it Read Revelation 21,1

3.) Abraham was called the father of faith Read Romans 4,16-18 & Jesus is called the perfecter of faith Read Hebrews 12,2

Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son Read Genesis 22,2 & Genesis 22,9 & God was willing to sacrifice his only son Read John 3,16 & John 10,17-18

4.) Joseph was rejected by his own brothers stripped of his robe & thrown into a pit & sold into slavery Read Genesis 37,19-20 & Genesis 37,22-24 & Jesus was rejected by his own stripped of his robe & condemned to death Read John 1,11 & Matthew 27,27-31 & John 19-23-24

Joseph was a servant Read Genesis 39,1-6 & Jesus came as a servant Read Philippians 2,7

Joseph was unjustly accused Read Genesis 39,13-20 & Jesus was unjustly accused Read Matthew 26,57-68 & 27,11-25

5.) Moses at his birth innocent kids were being killed by Pharaoh Read Exodus 1,22 & Jesus at his birth innocent kids were being killed by king Herod read Matthew 2,16

Moses had to flee cause of Pharaoh Read Exodus 2,15 & Jesus & his family had to flee cause of Herod's Read Matthew 2,14

Moses chose 12 messengers one from each tribe Hoshea who becomes Moses close associate is renamed Joshua Read Numbers 13,2-16 & Jesus chose 12 apostles & renamed Peter read Matthew 16,17-19 & Mark 3,16-17

Moses prayed over the miracle of manna & quails Read Exodus 16,1 & Numbers 11,31 & Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves & fish twice Read Matthew 14,13-21 & 15,32-39

Moses opened the red sea Read Exodus 14,15-22 & Jesus walked on the sea Read Matthew 14,22-36

Moses was on the mountain for the blessings of the commandments Read Exodus 19,20 & Deuteronomy 6,5-25 & Jesus was on the mountain when e gave his commandments Matthew 5,1-12

God promised to raise up a prophet like Moses Read Deuteronomy 18,15 & Jesus is the prophet that God promised & he is greater than Moses Read Hebrews 3,1-6

6.) Joshua led the people into the promised land Read Joshua 21,44 & Jesus followers are lead into rest in this new creation Hebrews 4,11

7.) David, God gave David victory over Goliath Read 1st Samuel 17,45-47 & Jesus Has victory over death Read 1st Corinthians 6,14

David enemies came after him & Jesus haters came after him Read 1st Samuel 19,18-24 & John 18,1-11

David had a best friend named Jonathan & Jesus loved John Read 1st Samuel 20 & John 3,22-30

8.) Elisha raised a woman's son from the dead & Jesus raised a man's daughter from the dead read 2nd Kings 4,8-37 & Matthew 9,23-25 & Mark 5,35-42 & Luke 8,41-55

Elisha multiplied food on two separate occasions & Jesus did the same Read 2nd kings 4,1-7 & 42-44 & Matthew 14,13-21 & 15,29-39

A person was resurrected when he was thrown into Elisha's tomb & touched his bones Read 2nd kings 13,21 & A Woman touched Jesus garments & she was healed Read Matthew 9,18-22