I wanted to write this to let all of you know that Heaven is a real place & When I'm finished with my journey for Jesus I will be going to heaven to be with him forever, I don't know when he will be finished using me for his glory but it looks like it won't be no time soon cause I feel like im just getting started for him & ive been walking with him since I was 18 years old, when I get to heaven Im gonna see Jesus & I know for a fact that he is gonna be really proud of me cause of what I have done for him & I know that Ive made him very happy with my life, Ive done things for him that most people was afarid to do, I really wanna see you people in heaven so we can all be there with Jesus forever, I know that my name is written in his lambs book of life, I have had many visions of me being in heaven with Jesus & it blows my mind everytime i see it, I also have a sister who is in heaven & her name Keisha Noyko Hammond, she died 2 months after she was born from a premature death, when I first came in God's kingdom God me that he allowed her to die cause of the purpose that was on my life & when God told me that I understood how series it was, Im so thankful that God picked me to be a blessing to so many people all across the world & i know that im gonna reach many more people for Jesus, the road to the end is not easy but I'm going to keep going cause my mind is made up & I can't wait to get to heaven & be with my father Jesus, plus im also very proud of Jesus for all that he has done, this man has layed down his life for me & he always had my back, he even watch over me when i didn't even have him in my life, so that means i could have been dead a long time ago & i owe him my life & thats why im going to the end for him, i can see heaven waiting for me now as im writing this, im going to be hanging with MOSES,DAVID,DANIEL,ELIJAH,PETER,MICHALE THE ARCH ANGLE & THE REST OF THE FOLLWERS IN THE BIBLE & THE REST OF ALL THE HOLY ANGELS & ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FOLLOWED GOD FROM THEIR HEARTS & DID HIS WILL & ALSO IM GOING TO BE WITH JESUS, SO I WROTE THIS MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOU TO LET YALL KNOW THAT I WENT ALL OUT FOR GOD TO BRING MANY SOULS TO THE TRUTH SO THAT MANY MAY BE BLESSED & SAVED IN JESUS NAME & I WILL SEE MANY OF IN HEAVEN, ONE LOVE HEAVEN IS REAL & IM ON MY WAY THEIR I WILL SEE MANY OF IN HEAVEN IF WE NEVER MEET IN PERSON FROM TIREO, PEACE & BLESSINGS

Deep Message From Tireo About His Death

Deep Message From Tireo, Ever Since I Came Into Jesus Kingdom I Always Had This Feeling That I Would Be The Last One Left Who Speaks Real Truth For Jesus & Get His True Will Done Cause When I Look At Everything In The Spirit With A Open Eye It Trips Me Out, 1.) All The Mega Preachers & Gospel Artist Have Sold Their Souls & They Got Demonized Behind The Money & Fame, 2.) The Hebrew Israelites Are Demonized Behind Their Own False Doctrines & All They Do Is Add Their Own Meaning To Many Scriptures That They Read & They Don't Even Know Jesus For Their Own Lives & They Just Have A Bunch Of Knowledge Thats All, 3.) After Tupac Got Killed The Only Rapper Who Knew The Truth Was Nas & Then Years Later Nas Sold His Soul To Satan & Started Rolling With Jay Z, 4.) Professor Griff, He Speaks Much Truth But He's Not Interested In Having A One On One Relationship With God, He Just Gives Out A Lot Of Information On The Illuminati & Other Things & That's It, 5.) Youtube Is The Biggest Video Site On The Internet & Yet I Was The Only Person Out Of Billions Of People Who Spoke Real Truth About All Kinds Of Things For Jesus & I Wasn't Scared To Do It & I Did Over 200 Videos & Their Will Never Be Another Person Who Comes On Youtube & Do What I Did & Thats Why The People On Youtube Hate Me So Much Cause They Know I Made History, 6.) I See That People Will Never Have The Strength & The Heart To Do What Im Doing & Thats Why I Say That I Will Be The Last One Left Who Speaks Real Truth For Jesus & Get His True Will Done & After That Jesus Will Call Me Home & If I Get Killed For Standing For Jesus Then Thats What It's Gonna Be, The World Is Not Ready For Me Look At It This Way If I Accomplished All This Now, Just Picture If Jesus Allowed Me To Live For Another 30 Or 40 Years, It Would Be Crazy & Mind Blowing & The Systems Of This World Would Have To Kill Me It's Very Clear Cause Remember This Wicked World Hates Truth & Thats Why I Feel Like I Will Be The Last One Left