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Pagan Holidays Revealed,,, Stop Cursing Yourself 

Pagan Holidays & Government Mind Control & Slavery 




Today All Across The World & All N The Pagan Churches On Every Street & N Every Neighborhood,, All Of These False Holidays Are Being Praised & Celebrated ,, No Were N The Bible God & Jesus Tells Us To Follow & Celebrate These Wicked Pagan Days,, Preachers Are Not Telling The Full Truth About These Days & No One Is Digging Deep Into Were Did All These Pagan Days Come From,, Satan & The Demons & The Evil Spirits & Fallen Angels Are Laughing At The World Cause The Majority Of All The People Are Celebrating These Wicked & Pagan Days,, & It's Time For God's People To Come Out Of The Madness & Start Following The Real Truth Of God,, Cause We Are Close To Seeing Jesus Return Back To Earth For His Chosen People,, Only God Has The Authority To Give Us Days To Keep & Celebrate Read Leviticus 23,1,, But Wicked Preachers Who Follow Paganism Brainwashing The People To follow The Lies,, 

SUNDAY Is The False Pagan Day Of Worship,, SUNDAY Is Not The Real Sabbath,, The Real Sabbath Day Is Saturday,, No Were N The Bible Did Jesus Tells Us To Go To Church On Sunday,, Jesus Never Told Us To Join Churches,, Jesus Never Told Us To Become Members Of Churches,, Jesus Never Told Preachers To Baptize People On Sundays,, Jesus Never Told Us To Take Part Of His Body On Sundays,, SUNDAY Worship Is All False & It's No Were N The Bible The Sun god Ra Was The False god That Wicked Pagans Worshiped On Sunday When They Worshiped Their False god's & God Never Told Anyone To Change His Sabbath Day From Saturday To Sunday,, & Pagan Christian Preachers Refuse To Follow Gods Truth For Their Lives,, & The Bible Never Told Us To Follow The Traditions Of Men,, We Must Follow The Will Of God,,

EASTER REVEALED,, Another Pagan Satanic Day,, That Pagan Christians Follow & Worship, The Bible Never Told Us That Jesus Rose From The Grave On Easter Sunday,, The Pagans Worshiped The Moon goddess on Easter Sunday & It Was Translated Into The Catholic Churches & It's Being Worshiped All Across The Earth,, Jesus Never Told Us To Follow Silly Rabbits On Easter & Have Easter Egg Hunts,, N The Underworld Demon Creatures Give Birth To Baby Demons & They Hatch Eggs & That's What People Are Worshiping On Easter,, God Is Against Easter Cause It's A Pagan Satanic Day 

HALLOWEEN REVEALED,, Another Wicked Day That Dead People Are Worshiped All Over The Earth,, The Month Of Oct Is Really The Month When Jesus Was Born & Satan Has Taken The Month Of Oct & Turned It Into A Evil Month N The Year,, Halloween Is Also Called The Day Of The Dead & When U Become A Part Of It U Are Helping Dead People Come Back To The Earth N The Form Of Ghosts,, Jesus Never Told Us To Follow Halloween,, & Parents Have Caused Their Kids To Follow This Wicked Day & God Is Against It, Read Deuteronomy 18,10,,, Cause Witches & Voodoo & All Sorts Of Wickedness Takes Place On Halloween,,

THANKSGIVING REVEALED,, Thanksgiving Is Really The Celebration Of The Native Indian Slaughter,, Millions Of Indian Men,Women,& Kids Were Killed On Thanksgiving Day By Wicked & Racist White People,, & When People Take Part Of It They Are Celebrating The Death Of Native Indians,, WAKE UP

CHRISTMAS REVEALED,, Jesus Was Never Born On Dec 25th That Was Nimrod Birthday & Jesus Never Told Us To Buy Trees & Place Them N Our Homes,, The Tree Is A Mockery Against Jesus Death & The Star On The Tree Represents Satan aka Lucifer Who Is The Fallen Star & This Is The Same Star Being Worshiped N Hollywood  On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame,, God Is Against Your Christmas Trees Read Jeremiah 10,2-4,, & Santa = Satan,, Pagan Christians All Across Is Following This Wicked & Pagan Day,, & Preachers Are Pushing This Wicked Lie To Everyone,, Jesus Was Really Born On Oct,, & Jesus Never Told Us To Follow Dec 25th & Jesus Never Spoke Of It,,

MOTHERS DAY & FATHERS DAY REVEALED,, Jesus Never Told Us To Follow These Days,, Their Is Nothing Wrong With Loving & Giving Honor To Our Parents But God Never Told Us To Follow These Pagans Holidays,, Cause It Becomes Idol Worship,, & God Is A Jealous God,, God Wants To Be First Place N Our Lives,, Not Our Mothers & Fathers & Husbands & Wives & Kids & Boyfriends & Girlfriends,, God Is Against These Wicked Days,,

VALENTINES DAY REVEALED,, It's A Day & Wild Sex & Orgies,, God Is Against It,, Its A Day Of Adultery & Lust & Fornication & Cheating & Gay Sex & So On,, The Pagans Committed Serious Sex On This Wicked & Pagan Day,, On This Day U Are Following The Pagan god Cupid Who Carries The Arrow Which Represents The Male Penis,, Who Would Join All Sorts Of People To Having Sex All At Once & They would Even Have Sex With Animals All On This Wicked Day

BIRTHDAYS REVEALED,, As Much As We Love To Have Birthdays Parties & Be Honored & Except Birthday Gifts,,  God Is Against It,, Jesus Never Told Us To Have Birthdays Parties,, The Only Celebrations N The Bible That Were Honored With God's People Had To Be Ordained By God,, Read Leviticus 23,, & If It Wasnt Ordained By God,, God Was Against It Like He Was Against Pharaoh's Birthday Party N Genesis 40,20 & Also Again With King Herod Birthday N Matthew 14,6-8,, God Is Against His People Giving Praise To Themselves & Thinking It's All About Them On The Day They Was Born Read Ecclesiates 7,1