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I've Had Many Dreams From God & I've Had Many Dreams From Satan & I've Even Had Real Life Spiritual Experiences That Changed My Life & My Walk With God I'm Here To Tell You That Many People Don't Believe In All These Things But They Are Very Real

(Few Dreams I've Had From God & I Will Post Up More)

1.) I've had dreams that i ascended into heaven many times

2.) I've had dreams to were i saw that i was in heaven & i was sitting next to Jesus while he was on the Throne & i was talking to him & i even saw his face he was a black man

3.) I've had more dreams about heaven to were i was in heaven & God spoke to me & told me that it wasn't my time yet & he sent me back to earth & i got upset cause i didn't wanna leave heaven

(Real Life Spiritual Experiences That Ive Had & I Will Post Up More)

1.) about a year later right after i came into God's kingdom when i was living in new orleans with my family, i was home by myself & i went on the front porch to pray & talk to God & no one was outside it was just me & i started to reach out my hand in the thin air & then i felt a body of a person & when i felt it with my hand i pulled my hand back really fast cause it scared me & i started to cry & then as sat there i was in deep shock for about 20 minutes then i went inside & i went straight to my room & i still was shock & then i stared hearing pots falling over in the kitchen & it really freaked me out & i called my friend named Rodney & i told him what had happen. later in my walk God had showed me that i had touched Jesus body & the noises that i was hearing in the kitchen was cause a angel & a demon was fighting in the spirit realm & God allowed me to hear parts of it, this really happened you don't have to believe me i'm only sharing my spiritual experiences with you people

2.) I also saw real angels wings fly pass my face before & that even shook me up cause they flew so fast

3.) I also saw blacks spots following me around all the time when i first came into God's kingdom & God showed me that those blacks spots in the spiritual realm was demons, they was stalking me cause i had just gave my life to Jesus & i didn't belong to them anymore & they wanted me back

4.) I also see the glory of God around me all the time it's a cloudy beaming light & when i see it, it makes my eyes very blury at times & i can feel God touching my eyes at times

When i was about 10 years old Jesus showed me the future economy with people losing their jobs but at that time i didn't know that Jesus was showing me all of that but he showed me that in a vision

Jesus also gave me the gift of discernment when i was very young & i could see straight threw people & i was hearing Jesus voice but i didn't know who it was cause at that time i didn't even know about Jesus

I also see visions of people in hell all the time & i also saw a demon face threw a glass window before

I had a dream that i was going threw one of hell's tunnel & i herd screaming & people being in pain & I felt Jesus with me & he told me im fine don't worry I'm only showing you what they feel & then i was going threw another tunnel that was taking me to heaven & i saw a blue sky at the end of the tunnelΒ  & there was a woman at the end of it & when i got there she grabbed my hands & pulled me out & she said im going to heaven & she said other words that i can't remember & i really believe that she was a angel or she could have been my sister keishia i dont know, but God will tell me the rest when i get to heaven

(Few Dreams from Satan That Ive Had & I Will Post Up More)

1.)I've had a dream of these twin females kissing & then a lizard came out of there mouths & then i realized that demons was trying to have sex with me while i was sleeping

2.) I've had a dream that this woman who was very wicked & evil had eyes that lit up like laser beams & she had evil powers from satan & she was trying to destroy me but she couldn't because of the power of God that was on me that was stopping her

3.) I had a dream that this evil tall white man pushed me into a real deep pool & i was drowning in the water & when God woke me up from my sleep i couldn't breath & God showed me that satan was really trying to kill me in my sleep & then days later i saw that man walking down the street, I also think that God was showing me that, that man was a killer or he drowned a boy in a pool & killed him

I've also had many other dreams from Satan to were he tried to kill me this stuff is very real & he still gives me dreams from time to time cause it's a fight & thats why we have to stay prayed up & place the blood of Jesus over our lives cause this walk with God is very real I will post more of dreams & real life spiritual experiences on here real soon;;;