Counterfeit Satanic Bibles Revealed, These Bibles Are Rewritten By Devils VIDEO WATCH HEREย  Da Bible Was Rewritten By Man & Not God,ย  The Bible Is Only 4 God's Chosen People It's Not 4 Everybodyย ย 

Bible Errors Revealed, The Bible Has Many Errors In It See For Yourself

ERRORS OF THE BIBLE Revealed, You Must Read All This Information Cause It's Very Much True

Only God's True Chosen People Will Understand This Cause They Are Chosen To Understand & If You Don't Understand Then that would mean that it's not meant 4 you to understand & this truth is not 4 Christians & Wicked Israelites

Did You know that the very bible that you are reading out of has many errors in it that will really shock you & it doesn't add up, this would only mean that it's not enough to only read the bible cause you may be reading a certain scripture that's not even the full truth cause the bible has truly been tampered with & switched around & what I'm about to show you will have you in shock & it will make you really think This Information Is A Must Readย 




Errors Of The Bible Revealed, The Scriptures Are Saying Different Things Must Read Information

1.) In 1st Samuel 16,19-21 David comes to knowing Saul by being employed as a harpist but in 1st Samuel 17 he comes to knowing Saul by killing Goliath

2.) In Exodus 33,20 God tells Moses that no man can see his face but according to Exodus 33,11 Moses talked to God face to face

3.) According to Deuteronomy 10,6 Aaron died at Moserah but According to Numbers 20, 27-28 he died on Mount Hor

4.) Deuteronomy 15,4 say's there shall be no poor among you but in Deuteronomy 15,11 says that the poor will never cease to be in the land

5.) According to 1st Samuel 16,10-11 David had 8 brothers but according to 1st Chronicles 2,13-15 he had 7 brothers

6.) According to Genesis 25,1 Abraham's 2nd wife was Keturah but According to 1st Chronicles 1,32 she is his Concubine

7.) In 1st Samuel 31,3-4 Saul takes his own life after being woundedย  but in 2nd Samuel chapter 1 Saul's Amalekite bodyguard claims he killed him

8.) According to 2nd Samuel 24,1 the Lord moved David to number the people of Israel but according to 1st Chronicles 21 verse 1 Satan moved David to do it

9.) According to 2nd Kings 24,8 King Jehoiachin was 18 years old when he began to reign but According to 2nd Chronicles 36 verse 9 he was 8 years old

10.) In Matthew 26,34 Jesus predicts that will Peter will betray him before the rooster crows once but in Mark 14,30 the rooster will crow twice

11.) According to Matthew 27,3-10 Judas hanged himself but According to Acts 1,18 he fell headlong & busted open

12.) According to John 19,19 we are told that the inscription on the cross reads Jesus Of Nazareth the King of the Jews but According to Matthew 27,37 it says this is Jesus the King Of the Jews

13.) According to Matthew 5,3 Jesus says Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit but According to Luke 6,20 Jesus said blessed are the poor & understand this Jesus would not say blessed are the poor when being poor & being in poverty is a curse & then all of Jesus followers in the bible was not poor people they are were blessed people Job,Daniel,David,Joseph & the rest of God's followers was not poor people so that means that Jesus didn't say blessed are the poor Wake Up people the bible has truly been tampered with & Satan used people to twist around the real truth & mess things up

14.) According to Matthew's genealogy in Matthew 1,16 it says that Joseph's father was Jacob & According to Luke 3,23 it says that Heli was Joseph's father

15.) According to Proverbs 26,4 it says do not answer a fool according to his folly but in verse 5 it says to answer him according to his folly

16.) According to 2nd Samuel 6,23 Davids Wife Michal Had no children but According to 2nd Samuel 21,8 she had 5 kids

17.) According to Acts 9,7 the people with Paul heard the voice of Jesus but According to Acts 22,9 Paul said out his own mouth that they did not hear Jesus voice

18.) According to 1st Corinthians 15,5 Jesus Appeared to the 12 disciples after his resurrection but According to Matthew 27,3-5 it says that Judas hanged himself before Jesus resurrection & Acts 1,9-26 says that the new apostle Matthias had not yet been chosen at the time of the Resurrection

I Will Also Post Up More Errors That's In The Bible & Now You See This 4 Yourself So Wake Up This Is What Many Christians & Israelites Won't Expose To You Cause It Will Contradict Everything That They Are Saying & This is why Jesus said his sheep hear his voice cause reading & knowing the bible isn't enough cause the bible has many errors that's in it & This Is why you must get a deep relationship with Jesus & this is a test 4 all of God's chosen people to see if they will take a stand against what's going on or will they continue to play stupid & follow lies & pretend like their are no errors in the bible & once again you have all been lied to by many Preachers & Israelites who Are going around quoting scriptures like they know what's going on when in reality they might be reading many errors that's in the bible & then the majority of them don't even have a deep relationship with Jesus & 4 all the people who brag like they really know the bible should feel really stupid cause 9 times out of 10 they are quoting things from the bible that's a error & this information also proves that everyone who thinks that the bible was not tampered with is deceived by the devil

Message From Tireo, I spoke to Jesus about all of this & I asked him why did he allow these evil wicked people to twist up his word & take away so much information & add extra information to his word & he told me that nothing comes easy & it's to make his chosen people follow him even harder & chase his truth & also so we can see who will follow the lies & who will follow the truth & also to prove that it's not about quoting scriptures it's about having a 1 on 1 relationship with him


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