Jesus Didn't 4 Everybody & Jesus Never Die On The Cross & Jesus Was Not A Christian Jesus Never Died On The Cross, They Killed Him Like They Hung Black Slaves On Trees

All Of The Old Testament Prophets Knew How Jesus Would Die & This Is Why None Of Them Spoke About The Cross Only Chosen People Of God Will Understand This

JESUS DEATH EXPOSED, They killed Jesus liked they killed slaves in slavery by hanging him on a tree, You must add up everything in the bible cause the facts are their & also understand that the bible was tampered with & twisted around so we wouldn't know the full truth, many things are added & taken away from the bible so it's up to us to dig deep into what's really going on Must Read Information About Jesus Death 


Proof That Jesus Really Was Hung On A Tree, Everything that happened to Jesus In his life was already spoken threw prophesy from all of the old testament prophets & their is not 1 single prophecy that any of them spoke about stating that Jesus was gonna die on a CROSS understand this if all of these prophets was talking to God & hanging with him on a daily basis don't you think that God would have told them how the Messiah was going to die, don't you think that God would have told Moses,Daniel,Ezekiel,Jeremiah,Elijah,Nehemiah & the rest of them but instead God didn't speak to any of these prophets about the Messiah dieing on a cross so why? is that It's Cause Jesus Never Really Died On A Cross & again their is not 1 prophecy of the Messiah dieing on the CROSS in the old testament.

Serious Proof That Jesus Was Hung On A Tree & They Killed Jesus Like They Was Killing Blacks In Slavery When Racist Whites Were Calling Blacks Niggers & Raping Black Women & Forcing Them To Suck Their Dicks & So On & this is what Christians hide from the Chosen People of God WAKE UP''''

1.) Peter Told them Clearly in Acts 5,30-33 that they had murdered Jesus by hanging him on a tree & Peter said that they were witnesses to it & understand this that why couldn't Peter just say a Cross but instead he said they hung Jesus on a tree

2.) Acts 10,34-39 Peter Makes Another statement that they killed Jesus by hanging him on a tree

3.) Acts 13,29 States that they took Jesus down from the Tree & not the Cross

4.) 1st Peter 2,24 States that Jesus bore our sins in his body on a Tree

5.) Galatians 3,13 States That Jesus Redeemed us from the curse of the law & Cursed was everyone who hangs on a tree

6.) Jesus Said That he came to fulfill the law of the prophets in Matthew 5,17 & one of the laws was that people were to be hung on tress for certain sins that they was doing Read Deuteronomy 21,22-23 No one in the old testament was hung on a cross instead they were hung on trees

7.) Jesus Always Mentioned Trees When He Spoke In Parables & Jesus Cursed a Fig Tree Read Matthew 21,19

8.) That's Why God Is Against Christmas Trees Cause When You Bring Christmas Into your house you are really Mocking Jesus Death

9.) Their are only 19 bible verses about the Cross & Their Are 152 bible verses about Trees

10.) Everything started with a tree & it all ended with a tree, Adam ate from the (TREE) of knowledge of good & evil & he was banished from the Garden Of Eden & he was denied to the (Tree) of life So that means Sin started from a (Tree)

11.) God Appeared To Moses by using a (TREE) at the burning bush Read Exodus 3,2-4

12.) (TREES) meant something in the Bible & when Elijah Ran from Jezebel He went under a Broom Tree 1st Kings 19,4-5 & Elijah Wanted God to take his life why did he want God to take his life by the Tree, Remember Elijah Was a Prophet of God so he must have knew something about how the Messiah was gonna die

Psalms 1,3 He shall be a (TREE) planted by living waters

Proverbs 11,30 Fruit of righteous is the (TREE) of life

Proverbs 13,12 Desire Cometh Is The (TREE) of life

Proverbs 15,4 Wholesome tongue is the (TREE) of life

Matthew 3,10 Every (TREE) that does not bear good fruit id thrown into the fire, Why? did Jesus use a tree when he was speaking to the people open your eyes

Matthew 7,17-18 good (TREES) bear good fruit

Matthew 12,33 (TREE) known by it's fruit

Matthew 21,19-21 Jesus Cursed a fig (TREE)

Matthew 24,32 Jesus spoke about he fig (TREE)