Jesus Christ The King Of Kings - Jesus The Soul Winner



Letter From Jesus To All His Chosen People That He Hand Picked From Their Mothers Womb To Follow Him & Do His Will

Hi my name is Jesus, im glad u are reading this letter cause i love you that much & i want u to hear my words cause my words are truth, i know everything about you i know your past,present & future i know the things that you did in your past that was wrong & not pleasing to me & i want to forgive you right now cause your my chosen one i also want you to really walk with me & follow me cause i have many things that i want you to do for me, i died for you cause thats how much i love you, they beat me up & they spat in my face & they put me in so much pain but i went threw all of that just for you so u won't have to die in your sins & go to hell i paid a heavy price for you im telling you this cause life is short & you don't know when you will die i know when you will die but u don't, many people are not chosen to follow me & i don't want them i want u they are chosen to go to hell but your not, they are chosen to walk with satan but your not, they are chosen to be evil but your not, they are chosen to be cursed forever, but your not, they are chosen to be false prophets & hypocrites but your not, they are chosen to sell their souls to the devil but your not, im coming back to get my true chosen followers so they can be in heaven with me forever cause i created heaven only for (my) chosen people & we will be there forever & ever & ever & they will never have to suffer anything else again & they will have total joy in heaven with me & my angels, i made the streets gold in heaven & the house are so big it will blow your mind i really want you to be apart of all this that's why i chose you i also want to put your name in my lambs book of life & you must be willing to go to the end for me, the road won't be easy but it's worth it so im telling you this again cause i love you that much your chosen to walk with me & this is why i have allowed you to live this long & i spared your life & i didn't let the devil take u when he asked me 4 your soul many times cause i have chosen u to do my will & this is why i led u to this page so u can read this message from me cause your chosen FOLLOW ME!!! IM JESUS KING OF ALL KINGS