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They Got Da Devil N Them Stay Away From Them

If I Was The Devil

No One Can Serve 2 Masters

Never Make A Deal With The Devil

Drug Demons Revealed

I See The Devil Round Da Corner


Get The Demons Out Of Me


Da Devil Scared Of Jesus Tireo Exposes Satan


Demon Offer Preacher Millions

Are U In Satans Desires For Your Life



Satan Is The One Who is behind it all, he is the one who really hates God & he wants to be like God & he tried everything in his power to destroy God but he couldn't. Satan's name in heaven was Lucifer & he was the fallen angel who went against God in heaven & he decieved many of the angels & got them to take his side but God was not having that so satan dumb ass was kicked out of heaven, Now he's here on earth trying everything he can do to kill,steal,& destroy cause he knows his time is running short. In order for you to deafeat satan you have to study him & learn how he operates in the spiritual realm cause if u don't learn his ways he will easily destroy you & rip you apart, this is why many people who try to follow God can't finish their walk cause satan comes & breaks them down & the reason why they can't win in God is cause they haven't learned how satan operates or they are to lazy to learn or they just don't care, but understand this satan is not playing around with anyone if u give him a open door to come into your life he will do just that & when he comes in its to kill,steal, & destroy so please take your life serious & don't play around with the devil cause he is out to kill you it's just that simple. Here are things that u really need to know about SATAN

1.he's the evil one, (matthew 13,38) 2. he's the prince of this world (john 12,31 & john 14,30) 3. he is the father of lies (john 8,44) 4. he has his own evil kingdom (matthew 12,26) 5. evil men are his sons (matthew 13,28) 6. he takes the word from hearers (matthew 13,19 & mark 4,15 & luke 8,12) 7. he bound woman for 18 years( luke, 13,16) 8. he wanted peter really bad (luke 22,31) 9. he has his own angels(matthew 25,41) 10. hell is prepared for him( matthew 25,41) 10. he's the prince of demons( matthew 12,24 & mark 3,22 & luke 11,15) 11. he cause people to be possessed by evil spirits & demons(matthew 12,22-29) 12. he put the betrayal into judas heart(john 13,2 & verse 27) 13. he forms himself into a angel of light( 2nd corinthians 11,14) These were just a few things about satan but there is plenty more in the bible I advise you to take this seriously cause if u don't u just might find yourself being destroyed by satan & his wicked demons that follow him,        

Music Video From Tireo, Demons want Tireo to sell his soul to Satan, Tireo owns all rights to this song & track produced by Tireo producer Efreezee & song written by Tireo         


Video Sex Demons Exposed, this video contains sexual images & profanity & explict content, must be 18 years old & older to Watch this video, Tireo shows everyone that demons are having sex them when they have wet sex dreams this video will open your eyes to much truth u don't have to believe this the choice is yours but this stuff is very real Sex Demons Exposed                       

Demons also work for satan & their are many different types of different demons that go threw this earth destroying people & taking their lives , demons also play a major roll in the wickedness of this world today, look all around u, all of the evil wickedness that u see today demons & evil spirits that work for satan they play a serious major role in all that, its demons & evil spirits all around us in the spiritual world & they are trying to do everything in their power to destroy us SO PEOPLE IT'S TIME TO REALLY WAKE UP, DON'T LET SATAN & HIS WICKED DEMONS DESTROY U, GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS & FIGHT BACK CAUSE JESUS DEALT WITH SATAN & DEMONS WHEN HE WALKED THE EARTH   


1.) lying spirits 2nd chronicles 18,20-22

2.) destressing spirits 1st samuel 16,14-16

3.) unclean spirits & thousands of spirits mark 5,1-20 & luke 8, 26-39

4.) spirits of infirmity meaning weakness or disease or lack of strength luke 13,10-17

5.) demons cause blindness matthew 12,22

6.) deaf & dumb spirits mark 9,25

7.) spirits that cause seizes mark 9,18

8.) unclean spirits acts 5,16 & acts 8, 17

9.) spirit of divination acts 16,16 people who do fortune telling

10.) evil spirits acts 19,11-16

11.) spirits that rule in dark ages spiritual host in wickedness ephesians 6,12

12.) demons believe in tremble james 2,19

13.) familiar spirits 1st samuel 28,9 & 1st samuel 28,3 & leviticus 20,6

14.) seducing spirits 1st timothy 4,1

15.) spirits in prison jesus preached to them 1st peter 3,19

16.) 1st john 4,1 tells us to test the spirits

17.) deuteronomy 18,10-11 people who cast spells on people are doing it threw evil spirits