No One But Christ Obeyed The Whole Entire Bible 

Message From Tireo

I have been talking to God about this & he told me that many people have to stop with the fakeness & phonyness like they are just obeying trhe whole entire bible cause that's not even true. Many False Christians & Israelites are really going around like they are really 100 perfect just like God is when God already made it very clear that no one is holy like the Lord, we can strive & try our best to live a righteous & holy life for God, but if everyone would just be honest with themselves we are still not 100 percent perfect & it's time for many people to stop this madness cause they are going to drive many people away from God because God never liked phonys & fakes & everyone who God picked in the bible to do his will was not perfect people these people had problems & issues & yet God still chose them to do his will for his kingdom here's the real truth about many people that God picked in the bible

1.) Moses was a murderer & he couldn't even talk right, but God still used him, read Exodus 2,11-12 & Exodus 4,10-11

2.) David commited murder & adultery & yet God still used him & yet he was a man after god's own heart, read 2nd Samuel 11 & chapter 12 & acts 13,22

3.) Paul had a thorn in his flesh & yet God still used him, read 2nd Corinthians 12,7-9

4.) Peter was cussing & he chopped off a man's ear & he denied Jesus 3 times & he played the hypocrite & was confronted by paul & yet God still used him

5.) Solomon had over a 1,000 pagan women & yet God still used him even though God was angry with him, read 1st kings 11,1-6

6.) Thomas was doubting & yet Jesus still used him, read john 20,25

7.) Elijah was suicidal & yet God still used him, read 

8.)) Noah got drunk after he built the ark & yet God still used him, red Genesis 9, 20-21

9.) Samson got decieved by deliah & yet God still used his story to touch many lives all over the world

& There are many more people in the bible who had flaws & was not perfect people, so i am saying all of that to say this people have to really stop going around like they are 100 percent when they are not & God is going to really judge them in the end cause that would make them hypocrites & Jesus made it very clear were hypocrites are going to go & that's Hell so people Wake up don't be fake in the kingdom of God, LET'S BE HONEST WITH GOD CAUSE HE KNOWS WHAT'S IN YOUR HEARTS & NO ONE CAN FOOL GOD, YOU MAY CAN FOOL PEOPLE BUT YOU CAN'T FOOL GOD