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Christians N Christianty Is Racist Against The Black Jesus, They Are Demonized By A Spirit Of Racism

JESUS WAS A BLACK MAN & He Was Not White It's All In The Bible, Racist White People Love Their White False Image Of Jesus


JESUS CHRIST NEVER LOOKED LIKE THIS MAN, 4 everyone who don't know who this man really is he is Cesare Borgia & this is what they promote in christianty all across the world Jesus was not a white man so I advise you to get out christianty & get away from those pagan christians & preachers & friends cause they are following Satan's lies

Jesus Never Looked Like This Jesus Was A Black Man & many of your favorite gospel artist & preachers & christian friends are following this pagan mess & this is who they worship & if you do your own research on this man you will see who he really is & what he's done 



Many people all over the world really believe that Jesus Christ was a white man when he walked the earth but what does the bible say even though the bible sates that Jesus was a black man people will still choose to follow their pagan white false image of Jesus here are the scriptures to prove that Jesus was a black man & also all of the other chosen people that God picked in the bible were blacks but when you see these christian bible movies why are the actors always white when the scripture says that they were blacks I tell you why cause they are racist against the black Jesus that's why so I advise you to follow truth & not what pagan christians & preachers tell you Jesus was not a white man HE WAS BLACK & here's the bible proof to prove it & also you will see that the others were black people in the bible as well Truth Is Truth Jesus Was A Black Man i'm not racist against white people or any other race of people i'm just speaking truth 4 Jesus cause if we say we love Jesus then why aren't people really speaking real truth 4 him    

This PICTURE Is What Revelation 1, 14-15 Really Means John knew Jesus was a black man cause john hung with jesus & no one can say john was telling lies or making things up remember jesus chose john to be a follower of him & of truth & jesus was the truth that's why the scripture say the truth shall set you free JESUS WAS A BLACK MAN


Here's some other scriptures that proves that God's chosen in the bible were blacks

1. Moses was a black man Read Exodus 4, 6-8

2. David Was a Black & good looking man & he was a red skinned man Read 1st Samuel 16,12 & chapter 17,42

3. Job was a black man Read Job 30,30

4. Samson was a black man with dread locks in his head Read judges 16,13

5. Solomon was a black man Read Song Of Solomon 1,5

And the rest of all of God's chosen people were blacks Noah,Abraham,Ezekiel,Jeremiah,Daniel,Joseph,Adam & Eve,Paul,Jesus Mother Mary,Mary Magdalene & The rest of the followers of God were all blacks

 Daniel even Viewed a woolly haired Black man Read 7,9 & in Daniel 10,5-6 Daniel see's a vision of someone whose arms & feet were the color of polished brass clearly he saw a person of color

More Proof That Jesus Was Black

 Jesus was the son of david & the son of abraham & they both were blacks Read matthew 1,1 they were all people's of color & Jesus even said it himself that he was the root & off spring of david Read revelation 22,16 & when john wrote how Jesus looked in revelation remember john was around Jesus & plus john the disciple whom Jesus loved & john would not be making anything up so truth is truth Jesus was a black man

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