Tireo - Soul Winner For Jesus


I just wanna tell you that nothing comes easy with God everyone has to pay a price for the level that they are on for God & im going to tell you people the truth cause many people want to be like me & speak truth like me & take a stand like me & rap & have much talent like me but i wanna tell you that everything that God has blessed me with didn't come easy here's just a few things that i went threw to get were i am today i went threw a whole lot more but here's just a few things

as you people know when i first came God's kingdom i sat in my room for 2 whole long years reading the bible & fasting praying & finding out the truth of God's words

i have been kicked out of churches for God cause the pastor didn't want me praising God in his church

i use to walk miles to church just to hear a word from God cause i was hungry for the truth & i wanted to know for myself, i remember certain days i would walk miles in the rain & in the stormy weather & even in the hot sun just to hear a word from God

i use to walk over bridges with my bible in the hot sun & i would go to people houses & knock on their doors just to tell people about jesus cause at that time i didn't even have a car & i didn't even know how to drive

i also remember catching planes to go to new york to play in the streetball games & i also slept at the airports & God was even using me to reach people their i remember seeing rapper cassidy & bill clinton at the airport & at that time i was sleeping their while they was living their famous lifestyles

also me & my friend jacoby slept a shelters in new york cause God had told us to go cause i was about to perform at the apollo & then we left new york & we went back & got lamoridon & then we all went back in a rental car & we Slept in the car cause we was chasing the dream for God trying to make it

i remember not having a dime in pocket & all i had was faith in God & God made a way for me God has always been their for me & he still is to this day everything that God has spoke to me about what he was going to do for me he did it God has never failed me nor let me down & im here to tell you that God can do it for you but you have to be willing to pay a serious price for the great blessings of God cause nothing comes easy cause many people see your glory but they don't know your story so before you look at me & say I WANNA BE LIKE TIREO U WOULD HAVE TO GO THREW EVERYTHING THAT I WENT THREW & ASK YOURSELF THIS CAN U REALLY HANDLE ALL of THAT, I WENT THREW A LOT TO GET TO WERE I AM TODAY, CAUSE NONE OF THIS COMES EASY EVERYTHING COMES WITH A PRICE