Real Serious Post From Tireo About Being Smart When It Comes To Money, God Wants His People To Be Smart When It Comes To Money Cause The Systems Of This World Are Set Up To Put Everyone In Debt, & God's People Can't Be So Heavenly Minded To Were Their No Earthly Good, Money Is Very Important In A Person's Life Cause If Your Not Smart With Money Then You Won't Make It In This World & Many Of God's People Are Broke & In Poverty Why? Cause Many Of Them Are Not Smart When It Comes To Money & God's People Have To Wake Up So Here Are Many Ways U Can Save Money & Be Smart 1.) If You Have A Car U Need To Sign Up With Triple A Cause AAA Helps You Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Year & U Get Discounts On All Kinds Of Other Stuff & Also U Need To Get With A Cheap Car Insurance Company As Well & Also If Your About To Buy A New Car Never Buy A Car To Were U Would Have To Pay Notes Monthly Cause If Your Not Able To Keep Up The Notes On That Car They Will Take Your Car From You & U Can Even Go To Jail For Keeping Their Car Without Paying Your Notes So Get You A Nice Cash Car & Then It Will Be Yours & You Won't Have To Stress About Paying Notes Every Month.2.) Movies, Stop Going To The Movies & Spending Money U Can't Afford To Spend Cause The Movies Will Break Your Pockets Cause Your Movie Ticket Costs U About 10 Dollars & Your Popcorn & Snacks & Drinks Will Cost U About 30 Dollars So You Just Spent 40 Freaking Dollars In Just A Few Minutes & Then The Movie Might Have Not Even Been That Good To Watch, If You Have A Dollar Movie Around Your Area You Should Wait To Go Their & Watch The Movie Or You Can Wait Until It Comes Out On DVD & You Then You Can Buy & Own The Movie For Yourself & If You Have A Movie Exchange Store In Your Area You Can Sell The Movie Their & U Can Also Buy Movies Their For Only 3 Or 4 Or 5 Dollars & Also U Can Shop Online At Ebay & Amazon & Other Online Stores As Well That Sell Movies For A Real Cheap Price, 3.) Clothes, Stop Buying Clothes That Cost You To Much Money When You Can Find Other Stores In Your Area That Sell The Same Type Of Clothes For A Cheaper Price & Their Brand New 4.) Your Home & Your Electric Bill, The Electric Companys Are Designed To Put People In Debt, Many People Are Paying Way To Much Money On Their Electric Bills So Heres Some Secrets That Jesus Showed & Told Me To Do, When Your Finished Watching Your TV Or Charging Up Your Phone & Using Your Microwave Remove The Plugs From The Wall ASAP Cause If You Don't Even Though Your TV & Microwave May Be Off It's Still Running Up Your Electric Bill On Your Meter & Also Never Over Run Your Air & Heat If U Want U Can Buy Your Own Mini Heater & Air At Walmart & You Wont Even Have To Keep Running Your AC & Heat & You Will Be Shocked When Your Next Electric Bill Comes In The Mail Your Bill Will Only Be 30 Dollars A Month Cause Most People Are Paying Over 100 & 200 Dollars On Their Electric Bills & It's Causing Them To Go Broke, & Also Stop Moving In Expensive Apartments & Homes That You Dont Have Money To Keep Up The Rent Cause They Will Evict You & Take U To Court & You Can Even Go To Jail For Not Keeping Up Your Rent, I Will Do A Video On This As Well Cause This Is Serious Cause Many Of God's People Are Not Smart When It Comes To Money & That's Not Of God, Jesus & All His,       

Followers Knew How To Manage Money & They Knew How To Take Care Of Business For God & His Kingdom & Many Of God's People Are Being Cheated Of Their Rewards Concerning Money Cause They Don't Know How To Manage Money & In Colossians 2,18 It Says Let No One Cheat You Of Your Reward, & This Is Why We Have To Out Think The Systems Of This World Cause This World Is Designed To Put God's People In Debt, Wake Up People & Be Smart,