We Have been lied to by Preachers & False Christians & so on who preach the Free Will Gospel, they have told us many lies saying that a person comes to Jesus based off of their own free will but that's not even true & Now I must show u the truth cause Jesus revealed this INFORMATION to me & here it is

No one comes to God based off of their own free will, God has chosen & preordained his chosen ones to walk with him & do his true will Read Ephesians 1,4-5 Paul says that we were chosen & predestined from the foundation of the world & also Read Romans 8,29 God has already hand picked everyone who will follow him so that would mean no one comes to Jesus off of their own Free Will

1.) In John 6,44 Jesus said no one can come to him unless he is drawn by God & in John 6,63-66 also speaks about it

2.) In John 6,70 Jesus said that Chose Them & In John 15,16

So that would mean that no one can come to Jesus & follow him unless they are chosen by God so that would mean that they don't come to God based off of their own Free Will they have to be chosen by God

3.) In Jeremiah 1,5 God says that he picked his chosen from the womb before they were even born

Also that would mean that everyone who rejects Jesus are chosen to reject him & they are chosen to go to hell

1.) Judas was chosen to betray Jesus meaning that Judas didn't have a choice why? cause Judas was chosen to fulfill prophecy so that Jesus mission can be done

2.) Also Pharaoh didn't have control by rejecting Moses cause God hardened his heart & Pharaoh was chosen to be wicked & evil & go to hell Read Exodus Chapter 10,1

Now U See The Truth For Yourself So Get Away From The Free Will Gospel, Im Very Glad That Jesus Showed Me This Information & I'm Greatful That I'm Chosen To Understand It

Everyone who rejects Jesus & does not walk with him cant walk with him is cause God has blinded their eyes & stopped their ears Read Romans 11,7-8

God does the choosing & he chooses who goes to heaven & to hell






In the free will gospel phony preachers tell lies like everyone goes to heaven like pastor winas did when whitney houston died

Whitney Houston's Funeral Exposed Must Read Information, If U look at Whitney's funeral with a open eye Pastor Marvin Winas didn't speak no truth all he did was puff Whitney's lifestyle up like she was really doing Jesus will for her life, We all know what Whitney was doing 1.) she was still on drugs smoking crack & snorting cocaine 2.) she divorced bobby brown why did she really divorced him? cause he didn't wanna keep doing drugs with her that's why & if u notice he is still living & she's gone 3.) she was having all this sex with Ray j & other people & thats adultery cause her husband was still living 4.) she couldn't walk away from hollywood & really let it go she kept trying to sing & be a star after she made Millions of dollars & that's why God took her voice from her 4.) she was serving two masters & Jesus said no one can serve two masters 5.) she cursed her own daughter by her wicked lifestyle & u all saw her daughter snorting crack as well why cause her mothers curse is on her 6.) she tried to sing her way into heaven & no one goes to heaven based on their talent we must do Jesus will 7.) she played with God by getting baptized n the jordan river knowing that she wasn't gonna fully walk with Jesus & remember Jesus was baptized n the same river that's something u don't do never play with the will of God either your in or your not, NOW Pastor Winas knew how she was living he only preached at her funeral for the FAME cause he knew the whole world would be watching it & it would draw more members to his pagan church, NOW check this out TD Jakes wife was at the funeral but not Jakes why? See TD Jakes knew why she died & he knew that she died before her time & that she went to Hell & Td Jakes & Whitney Did business together they both produced Sparkle together & Jakes knew that if he would have went to that funeral supporting it God would have killed him so he didn't go that's why he stayed home & right after Whitney's funeral Pastor Winas was car jacked & beat up by 10 dudes why? Cause God's wrath came on him for preaching at Whitney's funeral like she went to heaven when they all know she didn't & that's why I had to speak real truth for Jesus I did videos on Whitney's death & Pastor Marvin Winas cause somebody gotta speak the truth, People understand this talent never gets no one in to heaven & singing songs about Jesus don't even get u into heaven either we all have to fully live our lives for Jesus & do his true will,

Also in the free will gospel people tell lies & make up stories like they have been to heaven & back but their stories dont ad up with any truth like Colton Burpo & his dad


Pagan Christian Liar Named Colton Burpo Who Lied About Going To Heaven, I Did A Video Exposing All This On Youtube

 Christian Liars Who Are Telling Lies About Their False Trips To Heaven, Get Away From These Pagan Christians, This Boy named (COLTON BURPO) says that in heaven God had big wings but we all know that God doesn't have wings only the Angels have wings, then he said that he was talking to Jesus in heaven & in his book he has a false white image of Jesus but we all know that Jesus was really a black man, See his story doesn't add up with any truth & if he really went to heaven why didn't Jesus tell him that he wasn't really born on Christmas & why didn't Jesus tell him to get away from false doctrines from Christianty & why didn't Jesus tell him that only Jesus chosen will go to heaven, I Tell U why cause he never went that's why, See Christians Believe This mess cause many of them are stupid but not me I see what's really going on these pagan christians are making up stories about them going to heaven cause they know people don't really know the real truth, God's wrath will be upon these people for telling many lies, GET AWAY FROM PAGAN CHRISTIANS WHO DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH, these people will have their day in hell, open your eyes if all these people really went to heaven & saw Jesus why can't they he's a black man, truth is these lieing bastards never went, these people don't wanna sit down & have a interview with me cause I will shut they ass down with real truth I know their telling lies, their devils who are used by Satan to promote & push their white false image of Jesus