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Tireo was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana the city and state where voodoo,murder, witchcraft and all types of evilness runs rapid. Tireo started off singing before he started rapping at the age of 11. Tireo would sing and rap at school,home, and he even sang live on stage at his uncle's wedding when he was only 10 years old and was offered to be the lead singer of a band. Satan tried to destroy and kill Tireo at a early age of his life, when Tireo was born he had a whole in his heart and JESUS Healed it. Also satan tried to kill Tireo by the curse of not having a father figure in his life which he never saw his dad and being molested by his grandfather at the age of 12. Tireo joined a rap group with two of his friends and they started searching for a record deal. As months went by Tireo started working on his solo demos with a singer from Motown Records named Collins England. At the age of 12 Tireo started studying other rappers strengths and weaknesses to perfect his gift and make his songs more powerful than what they were. One of his friends in the rap group released a local album called Bout Dat Drama and Tireo appeared on 3 songs on the album when he was 13. They did block party's,concerts,talent shows, and they even performed in clubs even though they was to young to get in. Tireo's skills in rapping was becoming better and better while his life was getting worse. Tireo started selling and using drugs,guns having sex with girls, beefing with other guys in different gangs and Tireo even joined a gang called the GENTILLY BOYZ he did all of this before he even turned 18. When Tireo turned 18 his life had changed forever JESUS had opened up his eyes to the spiritual world, something that Tireo had never seen before. Tireo suddenly gave up everything he was doing to follow JESUS, he dropped out of school and he even quit rapping to follow the Lord. Tireo even started having supernatural encounters with JESUS to where he even touched JESUS on his front porch by reaching out his hand and feeling JESUS body and even more encounters with dreams and visions and so on. Now Tireo is completing his mission for JESUS and using all the gifts JESUS has given him to save souls from HELL a place where Tireo was once going to. That's what it's all about saving souls from hell no matter what the cost is. Tireo say's that it's all about giving up our whole entire life to follow JESUS and nothing else. We must not compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ we must speak the truth for Jesus if we really love him and we must be willing to lay down our lives and die for him also that's true love. Tireo Has been all over the world for Jesus using his gifts & talents to bring people into the kingdom of God, Tireo has been on news interviews radio interviews & so on, he has played streetball at the famous rucker park in New York City & Tireo has released mixtapes & albums & Tireo even wrote a book about his life titled My Past My Present My Future & the book is based on a true story of Tireo’s life, Tireo also directed, wrote & played in his own independent movie & also Tireo has shook the youtube community, the number one video site in the world were Tireo has spoke so much truth for Jesus with over 200 videos on youtube that was getting thousands of views in days & they reached a million upload views in a short period of time to were youtube terminated they account cause to many people was being reached & saved from hell, Tireo is fulfilling his true purpose for God & he has his own record label called Mount Sinai Faith Records & He Has His Own Film Company Called Mount Sinai Films Tireo is Going All The Way To The End For Jesus, Tireo has even brought the word of God to places were people are scared to go, He brought the truth of Jesus to hollywood stars like Miss Tina knowles who is beyonce’s Mom, Keri Hilson,Rick Ross, rapper Eightball, & many more, Tireo also goes to the prisons to visit people & he tells them about Jesus, Tireo has even reached out to his uncle named Damon who has life in prison & now his uncle has Jesus in his life. Tireo says he is going all the way to the end for Jesus cause the bible says we must endure to the end & then we will be saved. Check out Tireo videos on youtube his videos will really have you thinking about your life many people have been touched,healed, & changed in a special way from Tireo's videos & music, ONE LOVE PEOPLE


Message From Tireo about people being controlled by the systems of this world

Serious Post From Tireo, Jesus Was Talking To Me About How People Today Are So Controlled & Deceived By The Systems Of This World To Were Its A Crying Shame & Here Is What He Said To Me Check This Out, He Said People Will Go All Out Of Their Way For Jobs That They Really Don't Wanna Be At,Schools That They Really Dont Wanna Be In,Kids That They Wish They Didn't Have,Fake Family Members & Fake Friends & Much More Just To Please The World Or To Please People, But When It's Time To Fully Follow Jesus & Do His Plan For Their Life They Have To Many Excuses & They Have To Many Do's & Don'ts, See They Are Willing To Do Things That They Don't Wanna Do For The World But When It Comes To God They Can't Do It, But People In The Bible Who Followed God Did Things That They Didn't Wanna Do Cause It Was About Pleasing God And Not Themselves Like Moses,Peter,Daniel,Joseph,David & The Rest Of Them They All Did Things That They Didn't Wanna Do For The Sake Of God & Showing Him How Much They Loved Him From Their Hearts But People Today Have To Many Do's & Dont's & Jesus Said Thats Selfish & They Won't Make It To Heaven Cause He Did Things For Us That His Flesh Didn't Wanna Go Threw Like Getting Punched In His Face & Spat Upon & Much More That They Did To Jesus But He Did It For Us, & Jesus Told Me To Stay Away From People Who Have To Many Do's & Dont's Cause They Would Rather Do Things That They Dont Wanna Do For The Systems Of This World But When It Comes To Jesus They Can't Do This Or They Can't Do That, & That's What Jesus Told Me & Im Staying Away From Those Kind Of People, www.tireo4christ.com

Serious Post From Tireo, I Don't Wanna Talk To People Who Are Not Trying To Change Their Lives & Be Everything That Jesus Wants Them To Be, So If Your Not Serious About Doing What Jesus Wants You To Do For Your Life Then Don't Come On My Page Sending Me Messages & Stop Waisting My Time, & If Your A Religious Freak I Don't Wanna Talk To You Either Cause Life Is To Short To Be Talking To Religious Freaks All Day Going Back & Forth About Bible Scriptures, I Don't Have Time For Any Of That Mess Im A Very Busy Person & Lots Of People Need My Help & Jesus Doesn't Want Me Waisting Anytime Time Here On Earth Cause He Is About To Come Back & I Gotta Be Loyal To What Jesus Is Telling Me To Do